Ancient wheat for modern times

Ancient wheat for modern times

The first wheat grain discovered as food thousands of years ago.
It has the most simple and pure genetic structure. Synergistically combines essential for our health nutrients as given by Nature.
Rich of lutein, beta-carotene, proteins, fiber, vitamins B complex, minerals – zink, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, iron…and much more.


NON Hybridized

Grown without herbicides or Pesticides
Whole Grain, Low in Gluten
Supports Health and Well-being because:
• Einkorn has antioxidant properties
• It stimulates metabolism
• Improves digestion and circulation
• It is easily digestible
• Improves kidney function
• Contributes to the removal of toxins from the body
• Has vasodilator properties
• Supports intellectual activity
Easy to prepare and use it for main dishes, salads, deserts., and much more…


History – Limets – Einkorn

The beginning of farming, the domestication of plants previously gathered in wild, began to emerge about 12 500 years ago during the Neolithic Age. According to archaeological data, the varieties of floury grains were grown in the Fertile Crescent – a region in the Middle East.Through genetic analysis, it was shown that Einkorn (species name Triticummonococcum ) is the first grain domesticated from wild forms of grass somewhere around 10 000 – 9 000 years ago.


BG AGRO AGRICULTURAL COMPANY Ltd is an innovative and dynamically growing Bulgarian company investing in crop production of high quality grains and oilseeds.
BG AGRO and other affiliated companies are operating on more than 12 000 ha of land in more than 30 areas in Northeastern part of Bulgaria.
As a producer in the European Union the company meets all European requirements for high quality agricultural production.
The company works with high technology farm equipment, produced by the world leaders. Its own storage system and agricultural laboratory assured effective quality control of grains and oilseeds.
The awards “YOUNG FARMER OF BULGARIA OF 2001” and “AGROBUSINESS OF 2003” reflected the results achieved by the company management during the years.